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It is based on the established educational programme of art therapy at the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Psychology of Masaryk University in Brno. In 2015, the educational programme was transferred in its entirety to the Polytechnic University of Jihlava.

The Art Therapy programme lasts 4 semesters, it is implemented under the auspices of the Department of Social Work of the University of Psychology in the framework of lifelong learning.

Applications for the Art Therapy course were CLOSED on April 12, 2023 due to full capacity.


  • Who is the training for?

The training is intended for high school graduates with a high school diploma, workers in leisure centers and correctional facilities, special educators, educators, social workers and other helping professions, artists and other interested persons.

  • Objective of Education

The graduates will use art therapy methods and techniques to work in educational, counselling, educational, charitable, cultural and leisure settings.

  • Education Day

Education is organised in the mode of the academic year of the VŠPJ. The academic year normally starts in September and ends in June of that year. The ARTETERAPY course is taught over 2 academic years, and is usually held on the 2nd weekend of the month (first year) and the 3rd weekend of the month (second year).

  • Scope of training

The education includes 324 hours of lectures, methodological seminars, practical exercises, excursions, etc. additional events. The training programme includes 16 hours of practical training (8 hours in each year). All educational activities are led by university academics or external experts from practice. Classes are usually held once a month on Saturdays and Sundays at VŠPJ, Tolstého 16 in Jihlava. Participants will receive the teaching schedule before the start of the training. Participants are obliged to complete 80% of attendance and 100% of practical training (unless otherwise specified by the programme guarantor).

  • Scope of training

The first year of the educational program is focused on the acquisition of the theoretical foundations of the general disciplines forming the basis of art therapy (introduction to the psychology of personality and mental development, the basics of artistic thinking in art therapy, an overview of the philosophy of culture, art history, etc.) and on the mastery of practical skills for the independent application of art therapy procedures (art, graphic and ceramic creation, music therapy, movement education, dance therapy, etc.).

The second year of the training program is oriented towards special knowledge for the work of an art therapist (psychology of imaginative education, basics of psychiatry and psychotherapy, methodology of work of an art therapist, etc.) and expansion of practical skills in other areas of art therapy (projective techniques, drama education, group work, independent work with patients, etc.).

  • Completion of training

Education is after fulfilling all the study obligations in the individual courses, completed by a final examination in psychology, art therapy methodology and the defense of the final thesis. The final thesis is usually 20 pages in length, 50% of which is theoretical and 50% deals with practice. Successful graduates receive a certificate.  

  • Cost of education

The cost of education for candidates in the academic year 2023/2024 is 28,000 CZK for the entire course of study. Payment is made in four instalments - i.e. 7,000 CZK/semester, always before the start of each semester, based on the instructions of the programme organisers.

  • Signing up for education

Application for training is normally opened in early April of the year via the online application form.

The maximum capacity of one year is 24 participants. Admission is determined by the date of submission of the application form and the fulfilment of the conditions (completion of secondary school studies by the final examination).

Participation in the ARTETERAPY educational program does not require passing an entrance exam.


Before applying, we recommend reading the Study and Terms and Conditions.

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