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Publikováno: 24. 8. 2011 07:39
Autor: Ing. Petra Kopicová

Development projects implemented in 2007

Implementation of staff evaluation system, extension and renewal of IT technical infrastructure

grant title: Decentralized Development Project
period of implementation: March 2007 - September 2007

In the framework of the development project, a staff evaluation system will be introduced (development by the school management of an internal guideline for the quantification of pedagogical and creative activities of academic staff of the VŠPJ; acquisition of a licence of the DERS evaluation module for the existing IS, implementation in the school management system on the basis of the internal guideline), workstations in the student computer hall will be renewed (acquisition of 35 computer stations), mobile connection to the computer network will be provided using wireless network access points and the security of the IT systems of the university will be increased.

Project Manager: Mgr. Antonín Přibyl
total amount: 2 703 000 CZK

Academic Quality Management System

endowed degree: Decentralized Development Project
period of implementation: April 2007 - December 2007

This project is focused on the analysis of academic activities (processes), design of their quality metrics, measurement and evaluation. The researchers aim to capture the differences between university and non-university type colleges and to orient the solution to non-university type colleges. The project builds on the results of a process analysis carried out in 2004. A school process model was developed covering all areas of school management at a rough level. The proposed process model will be critically revised and the main processes of the school covering academic activities will be elaborated in detail. Increased attention will be given to describing the various process roles and establishing metrics for evaluating process performance and quality.

Project Manager: PedDr. Ladislav Jirků
total amount: 994 000 CZK
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