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Applicants from outside the Czech and Slovak Republics

Demonstration of Czech language proficiency

In the admission procedure for study programmes taught in the Czech language for the academic year 2024/2025 there is (in addition to the conditions given for individual fields of study)an additional obligation for applicants who are foreign nationals (except for applicants from the Slovak Republic) to demonstrate knowledge of the Czech language.

They may demonstrate this knowledge in the following way:

  • a matriculation examination in Czech language (successfully passed matriculation examination at a Czech secondary school)


  • successfully passed the Czech language exam at the College of Polytechnics Jihlava
    • oral interview for the entrance exam (comprehension of the spoken word, ability to interact and to determine the motivation, expectations and immediate needs of the student)
    • for Bachelor's degree programmes in Applied Computer Science, Applied Technology for Industrial Practice, Applied Engineering, and for the follow-up Master's degree programme in Applied Technology for Industrial Practice, a written multiple-choice test (to test knowledge of vocabulary and grammar)

Without proof of knowledge of the Czech language in the manner appropriate for the individual study programmes, the applicant cannot be admitted to study.

Sample test from previous years focusing on grammar using general vocabulary


Deadlines for the Czech language exam for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes

for 1st round of the admission procedure - 4 June 2024 to 6 June 2024 (the date will be specified in the invitation after the conclusion of the 1st round)

for 2nd round of admissions - 7 August 2024 to 8 August 2024 (the date will be specified in the invitation after the closing of the 2nd round)

for 3rd round of admissions - 4 Sep 2024

Workplace to support the integration of foreigners

In the Vysočina Region, you can also use the services of the Workplace for Supporting the Integration of Foreigners, which offers social counselling, legal advice, Czech language courses, socio-cultural courses, interpreting, an internet workplace and a library and educational events. More information can be found on the leaflet or on the website of the Foreigners Integration Support Centre.

Recognition of foreign secondary education

Problems of recognition of equivalence and validation of foreign certificates (nostrification) are dealt with by regional authorities. The detailed process and the necessary documents that must be provided for nostrification can be found on the Vysočina Region's website - HERE.

The Department of Education, Youth and Sport handles this issue at the Vysočina Region.


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