Research and projects
Publikováno: 3. 2. 2017 11:07
Autor: Mgr. Bc. Alena Šetková

Creative project activity

The management of the Jihlava Polytechnic University considers solving basic and applied research tasks in the form of projects as one of its key creative priorities. In order to achieve this goal, it uses a set of managerial motivational and support tools designed for potential project applicants as well as project researchers and their departments. The formal and substantive level of project applications has long been positively influenced by the Internal Grant Competition operating at the School since 2011. It supports pedagogical development and scientific research projects with an overlap into teaching. It pays special attention to the professional integration of students and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Thanks to this strategy, the number, focus, quality and significance of the tasks addressed are increasing. Whereas in the past the School used to work on general analytical assignments of a local and regional nature, now its academic staff also work on national assignments funded by the GACR, TAČR or the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Direct cooperation with companies is carried out, for example, in the form of innovation vouchers. The School is well integrated into national research structures and also pursues international projects. It has a representative in the ICT Expert Thematic Group of the European Horizon 2020 programme and contacts with foreign partners are established, for example, in the COST programme.


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