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Publikováno: 24. 8. 2011 07:39
Autor: Ing. Petra Kopicová

Development projects implemented in 2006

Development of the Economic and Administrative Information System

grant title: Decentralized Development Project
period of implementation: May 2006 - December 2006

The main objective of the development project is to add a modular central backup power supply to the main data centre of the VŠPJ. The acquisition of a central backup power supply will significantly increase the operational security of information technology in line with its growing importance in the school's operations. The modular central backup power supply will enable: to ensure operational and data security of ICT operation, to centrally power ICT, to protect the ICT of the main data centre against power grid failures, to power the technologies of the main data centre for at least 5 minutes in case of power failure.

Project Manager: Mgr. Antonín Přibyl
total amount: 2 494 000 CZK

Development of managerial and communication competences

grant title: Decentralized Development Project
period of implementation: May 2006 - December 2006

This project is designed to help establish a common baseline of managerial competencies for the newly formed leadership of the College of Education and to improve the communication skills of those school personnel who provide services to students, staff, or interact with the public to an increased degree. As a main objective, the project aims to increase the level and effectiveness of management by raising the level of core competencies of individuals. By this, core competency is meant a general ability based on knowledge, experience, values and dispositions that an individual has developed during his or her effective participation in education.

project leader: PedDr. Ladislav Jirků
total amount: 286 000 CZK

Application of the amendment to the Public Procurement Act (2006) to the information system of the Higher Education Institution

grant title:
Development project centralized - coordinator of the whole project University of Pardubice
period of implementation: May 2006 - December 2006
annotation: The subject of the project is to complement the HEI IS with services to manage all administration related to large and small scale public procurement. The new component will be conceived from the outset as an integral part of the comprehensive IS, i.e. it will use all available uniform codebooks and catalogues without introducing additional duplications and will provide validated data to other components for further processing. The project is a coordinated activity of several HEIs (UPa, AMU, CTU, JU, UJEP, VFU, VŠCHT, VŠUP and VŠPJ) that want to address this area conceptually and systematically.
supervisor of the subpart: Mgr. Antonín Přibyl
part amount: 297 000 CZK
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