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Publikováno: 1. 3. 2024 09:31
Autor: Ing. Pavlína Nová

Setting up the development environment

The modification of the student information system consisted in updating GitLab and then updating it for Continuous Integration. This ensured that the VŠPJ development environment was up-to-date and ready for further work within the project. The next step was to test different options for single sign-on to the information systems. After careful testing, SimpleSAMLPhp was chosen as the gateway for logging into the VŠPJ information system. As part of this decision, a module was created to allow logging into SimpleSAMLPhp via Azure AD. It was also ensured that a fallback option was available for logging in via LDAP. The UML tool Skipper was used to analyse the data model of the IS VŠPJ. This tool allows for detailed analysis and visualization of the data models, which helps to better understand the structure of the system and its components. As a part of the work, a module for SimpleSAMLPhp was created to allow connection to the NIA (National Identification and Authentication Point Portal). Thanks to this module, the integration of the IS of the VŠPJ with this important infrastructural element was achieved.

 Further work was focused on conducting a process analysis of the activities related to study applicants, students themselves and graduates, which resulted in making the necessary adjustments to connect with the electronic filing service. Here is an overview of the processes analysed:

  1. Processes related to applicants:

Analysis of application for admission: The admissions process has been mapped, and we are now working on optimizing and modifying the process so that the application form can be directly linked to the electronic filing service.

Admissions Process Analysis: the admissions process has been mapped, we are now working to optimize and modify the process to reduce the administrative burden by linking it directly to the electronic filing service.

Analysis of applicant file: The process of establishing and the content of the bidder's paper file, which will be transformed into an electronic form in the filing service, is mapped. This will enable easy access to information and quick completion of administrative tasks.

  1. Processes related to students:

Student file analysis - implementation of the study: the process of establishing and contents of the paper student file is mapped out and will be transformed into an electronic form in the file, thus enabling students to easily access the electronic submission of application/notification including the release of the result.

  1. Processes related to graduates:

Analysis of the graduate file: The process of establishing and content of the paper file is mapped out so that it is linked to the electronic filing service. This will allow graduates easy access to their student file, including transcript of results, eDiploma, eCertificate of Completion and other important documents.

 Based on the analysis conducted, the processes that need to be digitized and linked to the electronic file service were identified. This will help to increase efficiency, reduce administrative burden and improve accessibility for applicants, students and graduates.

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