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Starting to study

Dear students,

Let me warmly welcome you to your first year at the Polytechnic University of Jihlava. I am glad that you have chosen our school for your studies. In order to facilitate your entry into the academic world, we have created this website for you. It should help you to orient yourself in the general operation of the school, get basic information about the rights and obligations of a student and answer your first practical questions related to your studies. Should you be unclear about anything, please do not hesitate to contact either me or the Student Services Department. We will be happy to help you.

I wish you every success in your studies, as well as the rich experiences that are inherent to student life. I wish you to feel comfortable at school and to achieve good academic results. Studying at any university is not easy, but I believe that you will be able to overcome all the difficulties and complete your studies successfully. 

Ing. Martina Kuncová, Ph.D.

Provost for Studies


  • Sign up to study. Once you have met the admission requirements and received your admission decision, you can enrol. Detailed information about enrolment forms and deadlines is available in your applicant account (e-application). The moment you enrol for studies, you are officially a student at the VŠPJ.
  • Notify the relevant institutions that you have obtained the status of student (a confirmation of your enrolment will be issued by the study department upon request - in person or via school e-mail).
  • Log in to the IS of the VŠPJ (Information System of the VŠPJ) and undergo training in Occupational Health and Safety (occupational safety and fire protection).
  • Familiarize yourself with all information systems of the VŠPJ.
  • Check all your completed personal data in the IS of the VŠPJ and fill in the missing ones.
  • In the case of online enrolment, please visit the Study Department as soon as possible to validate your personal data in the VŠPJ IS.
  • Apply for a student card through the IS VŠPJ and follow the instructions.
  • Apply through the IS VŠPJ for recognition of courses you have already successfully completed. Study the important documents of the VŠPJ - the recommendations: the Study and Examination Regulations, the Methodological Guidelines, the Timetable for creating a timetable, the Manual on how to create a timetable including video instructions, etc.
  • Create your timetable and confirm your interest in studying by electronically submitting your enrolment form in the IS of the VŠPJ.
  • Start studying. :)
  • Choose the subjects you want to study in the first semester. It is optimal to choose courses according to the Recommended Study Plan. The recommended study plan is available on the website for each study programme and also in IS/Studium/Recommended Study Plan.
  • The number of credits you must accumulate in the first semester is at least 15!
  • Course placement into the schedule will begin according to the Course Registration and Schedule Development Timeline for SY 2024/2025.
  • Before schedule creation begins, you have the opportunity to prepare for this important step. The written instructions, including the video tutorial located in the IS of the VŠPJ under the "Timetable" tab, will help you to do so.
  • If you are not able to create the timetable on your own, participate in the creation of the timetable together with us or use the support form during the creation of the timetable.
  • For those of you who have additional questions about the schedule, there are consultation hours with the scheduler. Consultation hours for schedule creation take place online. Again, specific days will be specified in the Course Registration and Schedule Creation Timeline document. The link will be sent to all students no later than the day before the scheduled consultation hour.

You must submit your registration form by the date indicated in the Schedule of Course Registration and Schedule Creation document. This is a very important step! Failure to submit it will mean the termination of your studies!

  • You can make additional adjustments to your schedule during the 1st and 2nd week of classes. You may unregister (drop) a course or re-register (add) a course.
  • Unregistered courses can be unregistered until the end of the 4th teaching week (i.e. in the 3rd and 4th teaching weeks). Remember that courses that you have not properly placed on the schedule or that you do not wish to take must be unregistered from the enrollment list no later than this date.
  • Details can be found in the document Methodological instruction on the organization of teaching. The timetable for timetable development is published in the form of a Decision of the Vice-Rector for Studies and can be found in the IS (Studies -> Important Documents) or in the messages.

Does this seem complicated to you? Come and create your timetable with us and get to know the school and your classmates at the VŠPJ Learning Centre (date to be confirmed during summer 2024).

My dear first year students,

let us welcome you to the Polytechnic University of Jihlava and cordially invite you to our first joint event:

Freshmen's Day and Schedule Creation, which will take place in September 2024 at 10.00 a.m. at the VŠPJ Learning Centre (specific date to be specified in summer 2024), Tolstého 16, Jihlava (entrance from the bus station). The school will be open from 9.00 a.m.

The event is optional and is intended for those of you who want to create a schedule for the first semester together with us, get to know the school environment and meet future classmates and teachers. Those who wish can stay with us for the afternoon and play sports.

Event programme:

10.00 - 10.10 Welcome
10.10 - 10.50 Timetabling information
10.50 - 11.30 Preparation and start of timetabling
11.30 - 12.30 Tour of departments and school
12.30 - 13.00 Lunch break
13.00 - 16.00 Sports afternoon - volleyball and table tennis

Pre-registration is required for the event.

Procedure for registration:

1. Login to our information system first HERE To login you will need the login details you used for the e-application.

2. Once you are logged into the information system, click HERE. Once you have completed the form, click SUBMIT. 😊

3. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

That's it!

Be sure to bring your cell phone, tablet or laptop to create your schedule!

Bring your gym shoes for the sports afternoon!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

We look forward to seeing you

With friendly regards
Organization Team

Freshman Day and Schedule Creation Poster

What are your responsibilities during your studies?

  • Find out the prerequisites for completing all the courses you are enrolled in - you will learn this in lectures or tutorials in the first week of classes.
  • Pick up a student identification card from the VŠPJ - from the ICT administrator. Keep up to date with assignments and attend class. Keep track of the number of credits to advance to the 2nd semester.
  • Use the information system regularly. Use and check student e-mail - always use your school e-mail address when communicating with instructors and other VŠPJ entities!
  • Familiarize yourself with the current bylaws and other regulations found in the information system.

What are your rights?

  • Ask for recognition of courses from previous studies.
  • Ask for recognition of work experience.
  • Notify recognized parenting time.
  • Notify withdrawal from studies.
  • Apply through the information system for an accommodation grant (you will be prompted by the information system to apply if you meet the eligibility conditions).
  • You can apply for a number of other scholarships in subsequent semesters (see the VŠPJ Scholarship Regulations for details).
  • Vote and be elected to the Student Chamber of the Academic Senate of the VŠPJ.

What advantages and opportunities do you have during your studies?

  • Participate in the Academic Day held annually in October.
  • Use the student services of the College of Education (see Services section).
  • Receive student benefits (e.g. discounts on fares, taxes).
  • Receive the benefits of the ISIC/ALIVE card (if purchased).
  • Spend part of your studies abroad (see International Department).


Catering - canteen

For payment and lunch ordering procedures and other information, including the menu, please see HERE.

Contact: Monika Dušková, phone: 567 141 208, e-mail:

Accommodation - College

VŠPJ offers accommodation in the dormitory Brtnická 13 with a capacity of 109 beds. For more information, including a price list, please see HERE

Contact: Vladimíra Chudobová, phone: 567 141 121, 567 141 208, e-mail:


All necessary information regarding borrowing books and other services provided by the library can be found HERE.

Don't forget your student identification card - it serves as your library card!

Contact: tel: 567 141 147, e-mail:

Copying, printing

There are several multi-function devices in the school that allow colour duplex (double-sided) printing and copying to A4 and A3 size. When sending a print job, make sure you check the print settings well, including the preview, this often saves time and money. Once the print has been confirmed, you just need to log in with your ID card on the relevant device and have sufficient credit. Sometimes it may happen that too many jobs accumulate on the server for processing, in this case we ask for a little patience. Each user has access to his/her print queue at (accessible only from the school network or via VPN), where he/she can cancel the print job if necessary. Please follow the instructions when operating the device. For more detailed information about the printing system, please HERE.

Computer Study Room

The computer study room has a no laptops instead of computers policy. Students may plug their laptops into the school's wireless network in the hallways, open classrooms, or library study rooms. For information on how to connect, please refer to the information system and student instructions HERE.

Counselling and Careers Centre

The services of the Counselling and Career Centre are free of charge for students of the VŠPJ. For details of the services provided, please see HERE.

Contact: tel: 567 141 104, email:

International Department

  • The International Department provides organizational and administrative services for foreign exchange mobility of students and staff of the VŠPJ. If you are interested in spending part of your studies at a foreign university, contact the International Department in the first semester, where you will get the necessary information not only about the possibilities of where to go for your studies, but also about how to adjust your studies at the VŠPJ so that going on mobility does not mean prolonging your studies. It is possible to go on mobility from the second year of study after meeting the conditions of departure.

Contact: tel.: 567 141 220, e-mail:

Most electronic systems can be accessed using the login details used for the e-application.

 Information system of the VŠPJ = IS VŠPJ

  • Most used features:
    • registration of courses
    • schedule creation
    • application for accommodation/academic/social scholarship
    • other applications (recognition of courses and practice, de-registration, re-registration, extension of examination period, interruption of studies, request for exemption from the CPR, etc.)
    • registering for examination dates
    • receipts from academic and operational staff of the school
    • important documents


The system contains study materials and other information related to the study of a given subject. You will learn all the important information in the first week of teaching.

School e-mail

You can log in via the VŠPJ website, where you click on the "Useful links" item in the top menu and then select the "mail" tab. Messages sent from the information system go here, it is also necessary to use this e-mail to contact teachers so that identity can be verified. In addition, you can download the Microsoft Office 365 application for free from this portal on up to 5 personal computers.
Login:, Password: same as all systems

Always use the student email to communicate with your lecturers and other entities of the VŠPJ!


This system is used to submit requests for troubleshooting problems with the VŠPJ IS, school mail, or the computer in the computer lab.

Practice Portal

The Practice Portal is the part of the IS of the VŠPJ that allows the registration of all completed practice placements and outcomes that have been produced in connection with the practice placement. You will be given information about its use before you start your internship by the internship supervisor at the professional department.



Department Secretariat

Applied Computer Science

Department of Technical Studies at the VŠPJ 

Michaela Machovcová,  room 3N024,, tel.: +420 567 141 200

Applied technology for industrial practice

Applied Technology for Industrial Practice

Applied Engineering


Department of Tourism of the University of Applied Sciences 

Katerina Krejci,  room 2N096,, tel:+420 567 141 116

Finance and Management

Department of Economic Studies at the University of Applied Sciences

Markéta Stejskalová,  room 3N008,, tel.:+420 567 141 199


Department of Health Studies at the University of Applied Sciences

Lucie Hanusová,  room 2N070,, tel:+420 567 141 187

General Nurse

Health and Social Care

Department of Social Work at VŠPJ

Markéta Stejskalová,  room 3N008,, tel.:+420 567 141 199

Explore VŠPJ from the comfort of your home. Take a look inside the lecture hall where lectures are held and see the professional laboratories and equipment used by students of technical programmes. Feel like you've suddenly found yourself in the delivery room? But you're still at the University of Applied Sciences - you've just visited the professional classrooms of the Department of Health Studies. You can also take a peek into the  "virtual factory" in the new extension of the teaching centre. You can walk through this design gem and take a peek inside the large lecture hall. That's where you will receive your bachelor's degree in three years' time after successfully completing your studies. Last but not least, check out the gym and the historic auditorium. 


The virtual tour is operated just like Google StreetView.

When do I become a student? You officially become a student when you enrol for studies. Enrolment at the VŠPJ is possible in three ways: online, by correspondence, in person.

Do I have to report that I am a student at the VŠPJ somewhere? The VŠPJ does not have a reporting obligation, so you should report the fact that you have become a student to the relevant institutions (health insurance office, employment office, district social security office, employer, etc.) yourself.

Do I have student status even if I do a combined course of study? Yes, when you enrol in a combined course of study, you get student status.

What should I do if I need to get a certificate of study? The VŠPJ has prepared an eCertificate of Study for you, which is available in IS/Studium/eCertificate of Study, where you can generate it online. eCertificate is sealed with a qualified electronic seal with a time stamp - resealing (i.e. generating a new certificate in IS) is possible once every six months, or whenever you change your data on the eCertificate. You will always have the latest generated and sealed version of the e-certificate available in the IS.

Can the e-certificate be issued before the start of the course? Yes, it is available in the IS immediately after your enrolment.

What is the validity of the e-Confirmation of Studies? The confirmation is valid for the entire current academic year (unless there is a change in the information provided by you).

What is the QR code on the e-Confirmation of Studies used for? When you retrieve it, you will be redirected to the website of the VŠPJ, where you will see the current information about your studies on that date. In this way, you can have an e-confirmation with up-to-date information throughout the academic year.

Is there a fee for issuing the certificate? No, there is not.

Is there an age limit for studying at the VŠPJ? No, there is not. We are happy to welcome everyone to our university, whether they are 20 or 60 years old. What is decisive is the zeal for studying.

Do I need to report changes in my personal information to anyone? Yes, please report any changes regarding your studies (change of permanent address, change of name after marriage, change of phone number, change of account number, etc.) to the study department without delay by email or in person.

Can I communicate with the College of Education from my private email address that was provided in the e-application form? No. The student is obliged to communicate with the VŠPJ only from the school email generated when submitting the e-application. Unfortunately, we will not respond to inquiries from a private email.

How can I sign up for the school email? You can sign up for the school email at Or via the College of Education website by selecting the "mail" tab in the top bar and then "student mail". To log in, just fill in the address in the form: and enter the password from your e-application.

I forgot my password, what can I do? Never mind. Enter and click on the "forgot password" link, then follow the instructions.

Do I need a student card? Yes. You need a student card to enter the building, order lunch, verify your identity at the student department or during classes, in the library, etc. The basic student card is free and is issued by the ICT administrator. You will be notified in due course when you are asked to provide your card. In addition, you can also take advantage of the offer of a paid ISIC card. You can find out more about its benefits online. If you are a combined student, the ALIVE card offers similar benefits. Detailed information about student cards is available in IS/Personal/ISIC, ALIVE, school card.

What is important to study before you start your studies? If you want to get better oriented during your first days at our university, you will definitely not make a mistake if you read the Study and Examination Regulations of the University of Applied Sciences and the Methodological Instruction on the Organization of Teaching, which you can find in IS/Teaching, before you start your studies. Important information can also be found in the decisions and directives issued by the Rector and Vice-Rectors of the VŠPJ.

Where can I find important documents? The most important documents can be found in IS/Studium/Important documents. Other important documents will be sent to you via email and can be found in IS/Studium/Links.

Does the VŠPJ provide accommodation and meals for students? Yes, the VŠPJ offers students accommodation in the student halls of residence as well as meals in the VŠPJ canteen. The application form is available in IS/Rooms. The result of the assessment of the accommodation application will be mentioned in the IS within a fortnight after the deposit is paid. Please refer to the important documents "Bursar's Decision - Criteria for Accommodation and Price List for Accommodation Services"


Is it possible to transfer to VŠPJ from another school? Yes. However, please remember that you must still have student status at the time of the transfer request, which must be supported by a certificate of study and academic record. For more information, please contact the Student Services Department.

Is it possible to recognise previous studies from the University of Applied Sciences or another university or college? Yes. Applications for recognition can be submitted throughout the year via the IS of the VŠPJ. All conditions are governed by the Study and Examination Regulations of the VŠPJ and the Methodological Instruction on the Organisation of Teaching. We recommend that applications for recognition be submitted as soon as possible after enrolment.

I am a student with special needs, how can I address my study options? Please contact the Counselling and Career Centre of the VŠPJ, where they will help you with everything and give you friendly advice.

Can I change my programme of study or form of study during my studies? Yes, subject to certain conditions. For more information on the circumstances and conditions for such a change, please refer to the Methodological Instruction on the Organization of Teaching in the IS VŠPJ.

When does the first semester of study and teaching start? Teaching usually starts during September and is governed by the academic year schedule. However, remember that some student responsibilities, such as creating a timetable or sending in your enrolment form, must be started before the start of your studies.

What is the recommended study plan? The recommended study plan provides you with a process for choosing courses in each semester. You don't have to follow it exactly, but the more you follow it, the easier it will be to get through your studies.

What to do if I don't know how to make a timetable? You certainly don't need to panic right away. You can find a detailed guide that contains all the important information for creating a timetable in IS/How to create a timetable. For a better idea of how to create a timetable, there is also a video tutorial in the same tab. In addition, you can also take advantage of the possibility of consultation hours with the scheduler. Moreover, on the day of timetable creation, the VŠPJ offers students the possibility of joint creation with the academic staff at the VŠPJ premises. Just keep in mind that when creating the timetable, it is necessary to follow the Timetable for course registration and timetable creation, which can be found in IS/Schedule.

What if I fail to properly place my registered courses on the schedule? If you fail to properly place courses on the schedule or subsequently decide not to study them, you are required to unregister them from the enrollment list. ATTENTION - unregistration - is only possible until the end of the 4th teaching week of the semester via IS.

What is an enrolment sheet? As a student, you are required to enrol for studies each semester by electronically submitting an enrolment sheet. By doing so, you are indicating to the VŠPJ your interest in studying that semester. The deadline for submitting the enrolment sheet is governed by the Course Registration and Timetable Creation Schedule and can be found in IS/Enrolment Sheet. Please keep in mind that if you do not send your enrolment letter by the deadline, we will have to terminate your studies. The enrollment sheet is sent electronically from IS/Schedule/Enrollment/Submit.

Do I have to send the enrolment sheet even if I create my timetable in person at the school premises? Yes, you must send the enrolment sheet on time in this case as well. Your obligation to send the enrolment sheet will accompany you throughout your studies every time you start a new semester. Even if you have only the final state exam left, you must send in a blank enrolment form.

How are the lessons in the combined form of study? Lectures and tutorials for students in the combined form of study take place exclusively on Saturdays. On average, there are 10 to 12 teaching Saturdays per semester.

Can I be terminated from my studies after entering the first semester? Yes. Reasons for termination may include, for example, failure to send in your enrolment form on time. You may also be terminated if you do not register for enough courses and the total of possible credits does not meet the requirements of the Methodological Guidelines for the Organisation of Teaching. In the first semester, this is 15 credits.

Can I be terminated in subsequent semesters? Yes, in the following cases:

- if you do not send in your enrollment form for the next semester on time;

- if you do not obtain the minimum number of credits to advance to the next semester;

- if you fail to complete a course you have already registered for a second time;

- if you do not register for the state final examination within 2 years of completing all requirements arising from the programme of study and set out in the relevant recommended study plan.

What is the examination period? During the examination period you should demonstrate that you have retained some of what you have learned in lectures and tutorials. This is done by taking registered courses that end with credit or an exam. The examination period is different for degree programmes and semesters, usually falling at the end of the semester. Each student must follow the academic year schedule.

What can I do to get the required number of credits if I am unable to complete my registered courses? In exceptional circumstances, you may request an extension during the examination period. The extension request is made online and can be found in IS/Studium/Electronic Student Requests. Keep in mind that the request must be properly justified and documented.

What to do in case of illness during the course of the course? If illness interferes with your studies, you can make arrangements with the course supervisor(s) to modify the conditions for successful completion of the course. You should discuss excused absences with your departmental registrar.

How can I excuse myself from an exam? If you wish to withdraw from an exam when it is more than 24 hours away, you can do so without any problems via the IS VŠPJ. In this case, you will be treated as if you had not registered for the exam at all. However, you may excuse yourself from the exam for serious reasons (e.g. health) afterwards, but no later than the fourth day after the exam date. You should apologise to the teacher (examiner) of the course or communicate with the departmental clerk. The final decision on the acceptance of the apology and cancellation of the date is made by the management of the relevant department.

What about the possibility to repeat the whole semester? At the VŠPJ you can only repeat courses, not semesters.

How many times can I repeat a required course? If you do not complete a required course, you may register for it again during your studies. However, please keep in mind that after the second registration you must have already successfully completed it. All information on the course can be found in the Study and Examination Regulations and the Methodological Instructions for the Organization of the Course.

How many times can I repeat an elective course? If you do not complete an elective course, you can register for it twice more during your studies or choose a completely different elective course. Keep in mind, however, that you only have a total of 2 failed registrations for any elective course. The third registration must be completed unconditionally. So choose your electives wisely. All information on the teaching can be found in the Study and Examination Regulations and the Methodological Instruction on the Organization of Teaching.

Where are the study results recorded? Your study results are recorded in the IS of the VŠPJ. You can find them in IS/Studium/Assessment Overview.

What should I do if my exam result or credit does not appear in my IS results? As soon as possible, contact the relevant lecturer(s) (examiner(s)) who should have recorded the result. Alternatively, you can also contact the departmental clerk.

Can I cancel a registered course during the semester? Yes, you can submit a cancellation request during the semester, but only for serious reasons. All information is available from the Study Department or can be found in the Study and Examination Regulations.

Will I be able to take the course in any semester? No, courses are normally listed according to the recommended study plan. You will only be able to register and enter a course into the timetable if it is listed by the supervising department. Also, remember that some courses have prerequisites and other circumstances that may interfere with the scheduling of courses in a particular semester.

In the semester I plan to take a practicum-related course, can I register for additional courses in addition to this one? Yes you can, but only those courses that are included in the recommended curriculum for the same semester. Alternatively, those that the VŠPJ allows you to study without continuous participation in classes.

Mohu v rámci studia na VŠPJ studovat v zahraničí? Ano, studium v zahraničí si můžete vyzkoušet na některé z partnerských vysokých škol VŠPJ například v rámci programu Erasmus+. Pokud se chcete dozvědět více, neváhejte se obrátit na Mezinárodní oddělení VŠPJ, kde vám ochotně poradí, jak v případě zájmu o studium v zahraničí postupovat.

Jsou nějaké podmínky pro studium v zahraničí? Ano. Závazné podmínky jsou uvedeny v účastnické a studijní smlouvě, kterou budete podepisovat před odjezdem do zahraničí.

Jsou mi kredity získané na zahraniční vysoké škole započítány do studia na VŠPJ? Ano. Více informací získáte na mezinárodním oddělení ještě před výjezdem. Zároveň jsou podmínky uvedeny v Metodickém pokynu k organizaci výuky.

Who can I ask about work experience? The guarantors of internships in the individual departments and the relevant departmental officers are here to answer your questions about internships.

Will the school arrange my internship? Arranging an internship is mainly up to you. However, at the University of Applied Sciences we will be happy to help you and recommend tried and tested contacts of suitable employers.

How is it at the VŠPJ with teaching subjects in a foreign language? The VŠPJ regularly announces courses taught in a foreign language. Their name is given in the respective language. These subjects can be studied either as a compulsory or an optional subject.

Do subjects taught in a foreign language have an equivalent in the Czech language? Yes. However, bear in mind that failure in a foreign language course will exhaust your attempt to pass the course. You can only repeat the course once, either in the foreign language or in the Czech language.

Am I obliged to study courses in a foreign language? Yes, you must take at least one course in a foreign language as part of your studies.

What should I do if I don't feel like studying in a foreign language? Don't panic. You can supplement your knowledge individually and enrol in a foreign language course later. In addition, we offer free holiday schools at the VŠPJ as well as various types of courses that you can take advantage of.

How do I know which scholarship I am eligible for? There are a number of different scholarships available to you during your studies. For more information on the conditions for scholarships, please refer to the Scholarship Regulations of the VŠPJ and the Guidelines for the award and payment of scholarships at the VŠPJ.

Is it possible to interrupt studies and under what conditions? Yes, studies can be interrupted by submitting an application in the information system of the VŠPJ. Detailed information on interrupting studies can be found in the Study and Examination Regulations of the VŠPJ.

Am I a student at the time of interruption of studies? No, you do not have student status in case of interruption of studies. At the same time, you will not have access to your account in the information system during the interruption.

How do I regain my student status? No later than 14 days before the end of the interruption, the VŠPJ will send you a private email requesting you to re-enrol. If you fill it out properly and send it back within that time, you will become an active student again.

Can studies be interrupted repeatedly? Yes. The options for interruption are detailed in the Study and Examination Regulations.

What is the tuition fee? Study is free of charge at VŠPJ. However, if you exceed the standard study period (4 years in the BA programme, 3 years in the NMgr. programme), you pay CZK 10,000 for every six months of study. ATTENTION - all unsuccessful studies are added together.

Can I pay school fees in cash? Yes. A list of possible fees, including how to pay them, can be found HERE.

Can fees be paid by instalment plan? Yes. All information can be obtained from the Accounting and Property Department of the VŠPJ.

Do I need to report an accident to anyone? Always report any accident or injury that occurs during or in connection with class, especially during physical education activities, directly to the teacher(s) immediately. If the injury occurs in a public area of the school, canteen or college, contact the head of the relevant department.

Does the College have a contract doctor for students? No, it does not. Preferably, students visit doctors and medical facilities according to their place of residence, and in acute cases, the local emergency medical service.


Get in touch with us

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