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30 graduates came to remember the VŠPJ

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			Image photo gallery  - 30 graduates came to remember the VŠPJ
				Image photo gallery  - 30 graduates came to remember the VŠPJ
				Image photo gallery  - 30 graduates came to remember the VŠPJ
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"The good pigeons are coming back". This notorious saying was fulfilled by the graduates of the University of Agriculture Brno, today's Mendel University, who came to visit their former alma mater on Friday, October 4, 2019. The University of Agriculture Brno was located in the 60s of the last century in the premises of today's Polytechnic University Jihlava.The whole visit was opened on behalf of the rector, Prof. Mudr Vaclav Baca Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Strategy and External Relations Mrs. Mgr. Alena Štěrbová, who introduced the visitors to the establishment and development of the Polytechnic University Jihlava and presented in more detail the individual fields of study. The Vice-Rector also emphasized the important role of the College in post-secondary education in the Vysočina Region.  A discussion followed, which was held in a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere.  When asked what makes the Polytechnic College different, the Vice-Rector emphasized that "in the study fields of the College, emphasis is placed on the length of the students' experience. Due to this fact, it very often happens that students of the Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences find their future employer in the companies where they have done their internship". Furthermore, the question of young people's interest in studying at the VŠPJ and the topic of university halls of residence were mentioned in the discussion. This was followed by a tour of the school itself, during which the graduates reminisced about their student years, visited the Experimental Studies Laboratories, the school's auditorium and the professional classrooms of the Department of Health Studies. The visit was rounded off with a lunch together and a pleasant coffee session.

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