Supporting students with specific needs

Specific needs do not have to be a barrier to learning. VŠPJ offers applicants and students with specific needs support during the admissions process and subsequent studies.  

Who is an applicant/student with specific needs?

An applicant/student with special needs is a person who has:

  • visual impairment
  • hearing impairment
  • movement disability
  • specific learning disability
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • other difficulties (psychological, chronic, etc.)

For all specific needs, it is necessary to assess the suitability of study in the chosen field individually, as part of the study in all study programmes includes the completion of a Professional Practice, while for technical study programmes the completion of laboratory exercises may be part of the study. It is recommended to consult the selected field of study with the study programme guarantor or the SSP support methodologist at the department implementing the SP before submitting an application for study. Detailed information on the availability of individual study programmes and contacts to the designated staff can be found HERE.

Support Services

For applicants:

  • assessment of the impact of a specific need on the admissions process
  • functional diagnosis based on medical records
  • adjustment of the admission procedure conditions - so-called modification of the admission procedure (increase of time, provision of barrier-free spaces, possibility of individual room)

For students:

  • assessment of the impact of a specific need on study
  • adjustment of study conditions - so-called study modification
  • time compensation
  • organisational measures
  • spatial orientation
  • directive measures - individual tuition
  • development of study literature
  • technological equipment - compensatory aids

How can the services be used?

  • arrange a personal appointment at the Counselling and Career Centre of the University of Applied Sciences
  • provide a current medical report confirming a specific need


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