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Events 2018

March 2018

March 2, 2018   Course: CAREER COUNSELING - Personality Testing

March 7, 2018   Individual Consultation: How to be invited for an interview: a CV that impresses

March 13, 2018  seminar: Competencies of candidates for the selection procedure at the Municipality of Jihlava

March 16, 2018  Workshop: BASIC PRINCIPLES OF HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: Satisfied and Functioning Relationships in Personal and Professional Life

March 23 2018   Seminar END OF PROCRASTING: How to Order and Listen?

March 27, 2018   seminar: How to be successful in the job market

Duben 2018

April 3, 2018

Course: CAREER COUNSELING - Personality Testing,

April 6, 2018  Workshop: EFFECTIVE LEARNING: How do we really learn?,

April 10, 2018 seminar: Employment Relations 

April 11, 2018  workshop: SELECTION PROCEDURE FOR NAME OF NAME: Social Worker at the Department of Social Affairs of the Municipality of Jihlavay

April 17, 2018   seminar: Assessment Center as a method of selection procedure

April 24, 2018 seminar: Characteristics of the Czech labour market from the perspective of a graduate 

May 2018

May 4, 2018   workshop: You only get one chance to make a first impression...

May 15, 2018  seminar: Job Opportunities Abroad

May 22, 2018   Seminar: Employee Training System and Employee Motivation

October 2018

October 8, 2018

What will happen 50 years from now, do we need to know?

October 12, 2018   Partner Relationships an experiential seminar on: How to get along better in relationships.

October 15, 2018   How to be successful in the job market, 
seminar on: How to Prepare for a Company Selection Process. 

Oct. 26. 2018  Sem>emotivation and self-management,  s seminar on: How to achieve your goals.

October 22, 2018,  Competencies of Selection Process CandidatesSeminar on: How to succeed in the public sector.

October 29, 2018,  Employment Relations, seminar on: How to navigate the labour market, your rights and obligations.  

November 2018

5. 11. 2018   Competency Model and Workforce Assessmentseminar on: What are key competencies, and how can employers assess them


November 7, 2018   JOBStart - Job Fair for students and graduates

November 9, 2018   Relaxation and Meditation an experiential workshop on: How to deal with stress.

November 12, 2018 Employee Training and Motivation workshop on: How to support and develop employee competencies and thus motivate them.

November 19, 2018   Assessment Center at random: what to expect when a company invites you to an AC selection process.

November 26, 2018   What not to underestimate in an interview: how to prepare, what to avoid and what will help in the selection process

December 2018

3. 12. 2018    Labour Market from a Statistical Data Perspective:  what to prepare for as a graduate when entering the job market

December 6, 2018     Self-discovery, survey seminar on: The Self Among Men.

December 10, 2018  EU Careers: careers in the European Union institutions

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