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The Centre for Lifelong Learning at the VŠPJ offers a new continuing education programme to deepen and broaden professional competencies (upskilling).

The programme has been developed in the framework of the National Renewal Plan for Higher Education:NPO_VŠPJ_MSMT-16592/2022; 3.2.1 Transformation of Higher Education

Educational programme aimed at increasing professional competences in the social field:

Social psychological training

The educational programme Social Psychological Training is a pilot project guaranteed by the Department of Social Work of the University of Social Sciences and Technology. It was created on the basis of the results of the analysis of educational needs and requirements of representatives of the application sphere in the Vysočina region.

The Social Psychological Training educational programme is designed primarily for workers in social services and for social workers. The form of training is flexible, adapted to the workload and possibilities of the learners. The training is partly full-time and partly online.

The proof of completed training is a microcertificate, which is in accordance with national standardization and European recommendations. The document can be shared with other entities in the field of education and the labour market, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The document is used for the recognition of learning outcomes in further studies.


Applications to the Social Psychological Training training programme will be active from 1 September 2023 with a capacity of max. 15 participants.

CURRICULUM CAPACITY IS LIMITED. In the event that a second run opens in the spring of 2024, please click here for the latest information.


  • Who is the training for?

The training is for primary social service workers and social workers, aspiring and experienced professionals who feel the need to attend to their own self-development. 

  • Objective of training

The goal of the training program is to provide participants with a self-development experience focused on the development of self-knowledge, social competence and communication skills. The educational program is a supportive tool for improving the quality of practice in the social field.

  • Scope of training

The training program includes 2 interrelated learning modules: 1. Self-awareness and self-reflection. 2. Communication and Social Interaction. The scope of both modules is to promote self-reflection and feedback based on intensive group interaction. The training program will provide insight into the participants' own experiences and motives for action. A form of experiential learning will be used in the educational programme.

  • Scope and forms of education

The training programme comprises 104 hours of training which can be completed within 3-4 months. The training is divided into face-to-face classes, online classes and self-study. The face-to-face training of 48 hours is based on training and practical exercises and will take place in a professional interactive classroom of the VŠPJ or in an outdoor environment. The self-study part of 48 hours will allow the participant to learn independently and practice the acquired knowledge and skills at his/her own pace in the learning environment of the VŠPJ. The remaining time will be spent by the participant in individual tasks.

  • Date and place of training

The training programme will be implemented in the period November 2023 - January 2024.  The pre-sessional part of the training in the scope of 48 teaching hours will be divided into 2 teaching blocks (2 long weekends - 6 days in total). The training will take place in the professional classrooms of the VŠPJ (Tolstého 16, Jihlava), or outdoors, on selected long weekends - 1x November, 1x January (Friday 10 hours, Saturday 10 hours, Sunday 4 hours). The schedule of classes is posted on the website under the "Schedule" tab.

  • End of Education

The trainee is required to complete 90% of the full-time instruction (training) and will keep a trainee logbook. The training is completed with a reflective final paper based on the trainee's diary after the prescribed duties have been fulfilled. Successful graduates receive proof of the educational outcome in the form of a microcertificate. 

  • Cost of education

Price for the pilot verification of the training program Social Psychological Training = 2 2 CZK 100. Payment is made by bank transfer according to the payment regulations sent by the organizers - about a week after the closing of e-applications. The estimated price for the following years will be a minimum of 22 000 CZK.

  • Sign up is education

Application for the training programme will commence in September 2023 via an online application form. The maximum capacity of the pilot programme is 15 participants (the programme will be opened with a minimum of 10 participants). The date of application and the fulfilment of the admission requirements (see below) will determine the admission of the applicant. Participation in the training programme does not require an entrance exam.

  • Conditions for admission

An applicant for the training programme must have completed at least secondary general or vocational education culminating in a matriculation examination.  

Before applying, we recommend reading Study and Business Conditions

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