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The Centre for Lifelong Learning at the VŠPJ offers a new programme of continuing education to deepen and broaden professional competences (upskilling)

The programme has been developed in the framework of the National Renewal Plan for Higher Education:NPO_VŠPJ_MSMT-16592/2022; 3.2.1 Transformation of Higher Education

Educational programme aimed at increasing professional competences in technical field:

Industry 4.0

The educational programme Industry 4.0 is a pilot project guaranteed by the Department of Technical Studies of the University of Applied Sciences. It was created on the basis of the results of the analysis of educational needs and requirements of representatives of the application sphere in the Vysočina Region.

The Industry 4.0 educational programme is designed for professionals from practice, who deal with the use of new technologies in industry. The form of education is flexible, adapted to the workload and capabilities of the learners. The education is partly full-time and partly online.

The proof of completed training is a microcertificate, which is in accordance with national standardization and European recommendations. The document can be shared with other entities in the field of education and the labour market, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The document is used for the recognition of learning outcomes in further studies.

Applications for the Industry 4.0 training programme will be active from 1 September 2023 with a maximum capacity of 15 participants.


  • Who is the training for?

The training is intended for professionals from practice with technical education (at least with matriculation exam) and professionals working in research or on innovation methods used in Industry 4.0.

  • Objective of training

The aim of the Industry 4.0 training programme is to provide participants with information on the basic principles of Industry 4.0, to introduce them to the use of modern Industry 4.0 communication protocols, the principles of image processing, the use of image data for robot control, the use of artificial intelligence in Industry 4.0 and to introduce Industry 4.0 in practice. The knowledge and skills acquired can be used by the participants in the implementation of Industry 4.0 in existing and emerging companies, as well as in research, development of new methods and their innovation.

  • Scope of training

The training program includes 4 learning modules: 1. Industry 4.0 communication standards; 2. Image processing and computer vision; 3. Industrial artificial intelligence; 4. Robotics. The scope of the module "Industry 4.0 Communication Standards" is to clarify the aspects of changes in industrial production due to the introduction of Industry 4.0, to get acquainted with the distribution of production control, the use of virtual models and modern communication protocols (OPC UA). The scope of the module "Image Processing and Computer Vision" is to get acquainted with principles of image processing and computer vision in the field of Industry 4.0. Part of the module is an explanation of the basic principles and possibilities of programming in Matlab, which will be used in subsequent modules. The module "Industrial and Artificial Intelligence" introduces the applicability of artificial intelligence in Industry 4.0 in the tasks of predictive maintenance, process optimization, quality control and collaborative robotics, using the Matlab environment. The scope of the module "Robotics" is to introduce the practical use of industrial robots in combination with the use of virtualization tools and image data and to solve tasks leading to robot control. The educational programme includes two full-day excursions led by experts from practice to partner companies of the VŠPJ, where Industry 4.0 has been successfully implemented for a long time (Škoda Auto a.s. Mladá Boleslav, Bosch Powertrain s.r.o. Jihlava). A detailed description of the topics of the educational modules is given in the "Educational topics" tab.

  • Scope and forms of training

The educational program includes 104 hours of education that can be completed in 3-4 months of intensive study divided into full-time classes, online classes and self-study. The presentation teaching in the scope of 21 hours consists of tutorials and practical exercises, the online part includes consultations with tutors on practically guided tasks, the self-study part allows the participant to learn independently at his/her own pace in the learning environment of the VŠPJ.

The training is supplemented by 2 excursions to selected partner companies (Škoda Auto a.s. Mladá Boleslav and Bosch Powertrain s.r.o. Jihlava). All educational activities are practically oriented and are led by university experts and external experts from practice.

  • Date and place of training

The training programme will be implemented in the period October 2023 - January 2024.  The pre-sessional part of the training in the scope of 21 hours will be divided into 4 teaching blocks (4-6 hours per day) and will take place in professional classrooms of the University of Applied Sciences (Tolstého 16, Jihlava) on selected days (probably Fridays in the afternoon). The timetable is published on the website under the "Timetable" tab.

  • End of education

The participant is required to complete 80% of the full-time training and to complete the practical tasks with a minimum of 75% success rate. The training is completed with a practically oriented final paper on a selected topic of approximately 5-10 pages. A template for the final paper will be made available to the participant. Successful graduates will receive proof of the educational result in the form of a microcertificate. 

  • Price of education

Price for the pilot verification of the training program Industry 4.0 = 2 2 CZK 100. Payment is made by bank transfer according to the payment regulations sent by the organizers - about a week after the e-applications close. The estimated price for the following years will be a minimum of 22 000 CZK.

  • Sign up for training

Application for the training programme will commence in September 2023 via an online application form. The maximum capacity of the pilot program is 15 participants (the program will be open with a minimum of 10 participants). Admission is determined by the date of submission of the application and the fulfilment of the admission requirements (see below). Participation in the training programme does not require an entrance exam.

  • Conditions for admission

A candidate for training must have completed a minimum of secondary general or vocational education culminating in a matriculation examination. Participants of the training programme are expected to have basic knowledge of English (ability to read and understand technical documentation and demonstration manuals in English), basic knowledge of programming (the practical part of the Industry 4.0 training programme will be conducted in MATLAB, the other part in C). The basic principles of programming will be explained in the introduction to the training.


Before applying, we recommend reading Study and Terms and Conditions.

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