1. Submission of the topic of the final exam - a practically oriented assignment - Tax solutions to a specific situation of an entrepreneur (based on a personal agreement with the selected lecturer) Date of submission of the final assignment - no later than one week after the end of the last attendance block.
  2. Submission of the form "Final assignment assignment"- e electronically via the information system of the VŠPJ - LMS Moodle (Course Completion folder). Deadline for submission: no later than one week after the end of the last attendance teaching block. Subsequent consultations of the participant on the final assignment with the thesis supervisor take place individually by mutual agreement.
  3. Submission of the final assignment in electronic form - to the thesis supervisor via IS VŠPJ - LMS Moodle (Course Completion folder). Deadline for submission no later than 10 working days before the final exam (approximately January 2024).
  4. The final exam date will be set by the educational programme guarantor in cooperation with the Centre for Lifelong Learning. The date of the exam is communicated to the participants in writing.
  5. After successful completion of the training, the graduate receives an exit document - a microcertificate, electronically. The micro-certificate will be stamped with a seal.


FINAL DOWNLOAD TASK template here. 



Scope of the ToR:

  • The length of the thesis is approximately 10 pages - depending on the nature of the thesis, the chosen topic and the arrangements with the supervisor
  • The final thesis includes a theoretical part (10%) and a practical part (90%)


Structure of the final assignment:

  • The processing of the final assignment consists in tax solution (including SP and ZP) of the given model situation of an entrepreneur - FO with the help of LMS Moodle
  • Outputs from the tax solution in LMS Moodle are the basis for the preparation of the final thesis, which includes a description of the theoretical background for the tax solution (10% of the ZP) and the tax solution of the specified situation of the entrepreneur with commentary (90% of the ZP)


Suggested topics for the final assignment:

  • Topics for the final assignment - by individual arrangement with the selected lecturer of the course Entrepreneurship from the point of view of taxes and deductions of FO:

Model situations of entrepreneurs - natural persons, and their tax solutions, including social and health insurance.

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