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The Centre for Lifelong Learning at the VŠPJ offers a new programme of further education to deepen and broaden professional competences



The Cyber Security I. educational program is aimed at increasing professional competencies in the field of information technology and cyber security.

 The Cybersecurity I educational programme is guaranteed by the Department of Technical Studies of the University of Applied Sciences. It was created on the basis of the results of the analysis of educational needs and requirements of representatives of the application sphere in Vysočina region.



  • Who is the training for?

The training is intended for company executives or management, ICT executives and professionals.


  • Objective of the training

The objective of the training is to familiarize the audience with cyber security, basic concepts or legislative standards, whether international, European or national.

The knowledge and skills acquired can be used by participants to improve the cybersecurity of companies or to implement the new European NIS2 Directive.


  • Scope of training

The programme covers the new Cyber Security Act, its implementing directive, the different duty regimes, the organisation classification system and the requirements falling on organisations in the higher duty regime. Practically oriented lectures will present current cyber threats, experience with the implementation of ISO/IEC 27000 in an organization and secure authentication methods.


  • Lecturing Team

Antonín Přibyl (, internal employee of the VŠPJ

Academic and researcher at the Department of Technical Studies, 30+ years of experience in ICT and cyber security.

Rostislav Prosecky (, practitioner

Director of OptoNet Communication, s.r.o., ISO 27000 holder, operator of the Vysočina Data Centre.

Vladimir Karas (, practitioner

Security consultant at Novicom.


  • Scope and forms of training

The training program includes 13 hours of intensive training, which is divided into 2 days.

The training is complemented by the possibility of self-study of the learning materials in IS Moodle.


  • Term and place of training

The training program will be implemented in the period 9-10 January 2024 (from 8:00 am to approximately 5:00 pm) in the teaching premises of the University of Applied Sciences (16 Tolstého Street, Jihlava).


  • Completion of education

The participant is obliged to attend 100% of the full-time training and pass the test with a minimum of 50% success. The training is completed with a test in LMS Moodle after completing the prescribed obligations. Successful graduates of the programme will receive proof of the training result in the form of a VŠPJ certificate. 


  • Price of the educational program

The cost of the program is 8,800 CZK. The fee is payable by bank transfer according to the payment order sent by the organisers of the educational programme after the required minimum capacity has been reached.


  • Signing up for the training programme

Application for the program will open November 2023 via the online application form. The maximum capacity of participants in the program is 50 (information about inclusion in the course will be received from the course organizers at least one week before the start of the course). Admission is determined by the time of application and the fulfilment of the admission requirements (see below). Participation in the course does not require an entrance exam.


  • Conditions of Admission

A candidate for the training program must have completed a minimum of secondary education ending with a matriculation examination. Participants are expected to have basic orientation in information technology.

Before applying, it is recommended that you review the Study and Terms and Conditions.


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