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The course participant may take the final examinations only in the case of a timely submitted and approved final thesis. 

Delivery of the final thesis (FT):

1x hard copy of the thesis + 1x electronic copy of the thesis + 1x PowerPoint presentation

  • The printed version of the final thesis is handed over or sent by the participant to the organizational staff 10 days before the final examinations (Centre for Lifelong Learning, Tolstého 16, Jihlava 58601)
  • Electronic version of the final thesis is sent by the participant by e-mail no later than 10 days before the final examinations to the following address: 
  • Presentation for the final thesis in 7-10 slides is sent by the student by e-mail no later than 2 days before the final exams to: (see below for more information on the PowerPoint presentation)

The handed-in hard copies will remain at the VŠPJ for archiving.

Term of the ZZ:

Generally May-June of a given year (summer semester of the 2nd year of study).

The date will be specified and published by the study organisers in the timetable before the start of the last semester of study (normally January-February of the year).

ZZZ Examination Committee:

The committee consists of three members (experts/lecturers in Art Therapy).

Process of ZZ:

The final examination consists of two parts:

  • 1. ZP defence (includes a 5-minute presentation of the final thesis by the participant)
  • 2. Oral examination (additional questions on the ZP in the field of psychology and art therapy methodology)

For the ZP defence part, the participant will prepare a short presentation (in PowerPoint) of about 5 minutes (7-10 slides). The presentation includes: objective, brief description of the content of the theoretical and practical part, conclusion of the thesis. The participant will bring the presentation with him/her to ZZ on a flash drive. Download the presentation template here

The defence of the ZP is directly followed by the oral part of the final examination - i.e. additional questions from the examination committee from the field of psychology and art therapy methodology related to the participant's final thesis.

Organisation of the ZZ:

Participants shall report for the examination at least half an hour before the scheduled starting time (8:30 a.m., unless otherwise specified by the organizers).

 The final examination normally starts at 9:00 am with a joint opening and ends with a joint closing with the announcement of the results.

Participants appear before the committee individually according to a predetermined schedule (participants will be notified by the study organizers well in advance of the OC). The examination of the participant is started by starting the presentation with comments of the participant.  This is followed by questions from the committee on psychology and art therapy methodology. The examination time for 1 participant is approximately 20 minutes.

Course participant's requirements for the ZZ:

One hard copy of your ZP (for the participant's own use) - not compulsory, only recommended.

Presentation of the final thesis on a flash drive - mandatory.

Refreshments - the total duration of the final exams depends on the number of participants being tested, usually lasting the whole day. For this reason, it is recommended that you provide a full day's refreshments.

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