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  1. Setting the topic of the final thesis, personal arrangement with future thesis supervisor (consultant). Deadline - end of the winter semester of the second year of study.
  2. Submission of the form "Assignment of the final thesis" electronically (to the employee of the Department of Lifelong Learning - Mgr. Marie Marek: The deadline for submission is January 31 in the second year of study. 


  1. Consultation for thesis with the selected thesis advisor. Term January to April of the summer semester of the second year of study (with early selection of the topic and by agreement with the thesis supervisor, it is possible to consult earlier).
  2. Submit or send 1 hard copy to the staff of the Centre for Lifelong Learning Mgr. Maria Marek (do not forget to insert the form Final Thesis Submission between the title page and the table of contents). The deadline for submission of the thesis will be specified by the organizers of the study, no later than 10 days before the ZZ.
  3. Sending 1x electronic version of the LOI to the employee of the Department of Lifelong Learning Mgr. Maria Marek. The deadline will be specified by the study organizers, no later than 10 days before the ZZ.
  4. Submission of presentation for the final thesis in 5-7 slides. The presentation in PowerPoint should be sent by the student by e-mail no later than 2 days before the final exams to the following address:

The hard copy and the electronic version of the ZP remain at the VŠPJ for archiving.

Download the presentation template for the thesis defense HERE. (The background of the presentation can be changed at will. The structure of the presentation must be preserved.)

The topic of the thesis:

  • We offer a selection of topics from the individual Art Therapy course tutors (see below).
  • In the case of choosing your own topic, prior arrangement with the selected Art Therapy course tutor is required. (In the case of choosing your own topic, you can base your choice on your practice or experience with the given topic - however, it is not a requirement).
  • In case of interest in a "non-traditional" topic, we recommend to check the available literature sources in advance.

Scope of the ToR:

  • Minimum length of the thesis is 20 pages of plain text (excluding introductory pages - title page, assignment page, table of contents, also excluding reference list and appendices, figures, etc.).
  • The final thesis contains a theoretical and a practical part, with 50% theory, 50% practice (i.e. min. 10 pages of theory and min. 10 pages of practice).

Structure of the thesis:


  • Introduction to the content of the thesis, reasons for the choice of the topic, reasons for the importance of the topic, expectations of the author, how to deal with the selected issue - 1 page of text

Theoretical part

  • Theoretical content on the selected topic (quotations from literature - according to the instructions of the head of the ZP)


  • Objective
  • Techniques
  • Process
  • Conclusion of the practical part, reflection on the individual sessions (more information will be given by the supervisor of the given final thesis)
  • In the practical part of the thesis a case study can be used


  • The conclusion of the whole thesis should correspond with the introduction. It is advisable to reiterate the aim of the thesis, how the aim was met, what results the author arrived at, how he proceeded. It is important to justify the success and possible failure to meet the objective. (1 page of text)



Binding of ZP:

  • Depending on the scope of the work and its importance, a ring binder or a binder may be used - always with a transparent front cover.
  • For writing the final thesis in the Art Therapy course, it is obligatory to use the predefined template of the VŠPJ: 

FINAL THEsis Template can be downloaded here. 







(topics offered are continuously being added)



Doc. PaedDr. Marie Blahutková, Ph.D. (psychomotor therapy)

  • Currently does not offer ZP guidance


Mgr. Lucie Hájková (art therapy, art techniques) e-mail:

  • In case of interest, it is possible to arrange your own topic


 Mgr. Iva Kratochvílová, DiS. (art therapy, self-development) e-mail:

  • Art therapy with children of different age groups, family, seniors
  • Colours, art therapy techniques, relaxation art therapy
  • Art therapy in self-development, leading art therapy groups
  • Custom topics can be arranged if desired


PedDr. Marie Pavlovská, Ph.D. (dramatherapy, storytelling, creative writing, work with puppets) e-mail:

  • Using storytelling as a therapeutic method
  • The art of storytelling - one of the basic competences of a therapist
  • Creative writing for personal development
  • Using drama education methods in the work of a therapist
  • Sociodrama in the work of the teacher and therapist
  • In case of interest it is possible to arrange your own topic


MUDr. Ivan Peška (psychiatry - psychoses, neuroses, addictions) e-mail:

  • Offers a choice of any topics in the field of psychiatry


Mgr. Lucie Poláková (art therapy, art therapy, terratherapy) e-mail:

  • Art therapy for the elderly
  • Artephysiotherapy for families with children or with children in a specific facility
  • Art therapy with people addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • If you are interested, you can arrange your own topic


Mgr. Veronika Sequensová (dance and movement therapy) e-mail:

  • If you are interested, you can arrange your own topic


Mgr. Josef Zajíček (drama therapy) e-mail:

  • In case of interest, it is possible to arrange your own topic


Mgr. Dana Zouharová (music therapy) e-mail:

  • In case of interest it is possible to arrange your own topic


 Mgr. Barbora Jahodová (psychotherapy - counseling, crisis intervention) e-mail:

  • In case of interest it is possible to arrange own topic
  • Topic from the field of psychotherapy
  • Special education topic
  • Topic on crisis intervention


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