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The teaching team of the Principles of Recovery course

  • MUDr. Magda Dosbabová

Doctor by training with several years experience as a general dentist. Founder of Familia Felix o.s., organizing lectures, seminars and weekend retreats for spouses with themes of personal development and mental health care. Additional education in accredited courses of the Ministry of Social Affairs for peer consultants in the field of mental health care and support for recovery of clients from mental illness. Retraining in Photojournalist and DTP Studio Worker and Professional Coaching Course. Several years of experience as a peer trainer and peer counsellor for CMHCD Prague (Centre for Mental Health Care Development). External lecturer at VŠPJ Jihlava (Health and Social Care) and LFUK Prague (Occupational Therapy).

  •  Mgr. Markéta Dubnová, Ph.D.

Professionally she is engaged in social work with people with serious mental illness. Within her profession, she has worked in both types of care - in an inpatient medical facility as a medical and social worker at the Psychiatric Hospital Havlíčkův Brod and in field, community services at the o. s. Péče o duševní zdraví - region Pardubice as a social worker and head of psychosocial rehabilitation. Since 2013, he has been educating students in the field of health and social work at the Polytechnic University Jihlava, holding the position of head of the Department of Social Work and guarantor of professional practice. She is a graduate of the doctoral program at Comenius University in Bratislava, specialization in social work, with the topic of her dissertation The Possibilities and Limits of Social Work in Psychiatric Care in the Czech Republic.

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  • Petra Kubin

Study of Social Policy and Social Work. Graduated from a number of accredited courses of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs with a focus on resocialization of the mentally ill, physically, sensory and mentally disabled; prevention of social pathological phenomena; self-experience course in Pesso Boyden psychomotor therapy; training in solution-focused approach in counselling and therapy, etc. Co-founder of the first Recovery School in Czech Republic in 2017. Coordinator of the School of Recovery from 2017 until now. Practical experience in the field of social and follow-up services, social counselling, the field of crisis intervention and management aimed at education and improvement of the mental health care system.

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  •  Katerina Obshilova

A creative peer trainer with several years of experience at the Centre for the Development of Mental Health Care in Prague. She focuses on working with people with mental illness. She has experience as a peer consultant (Good Place). She has worked on a number of destigmatization projects (One Day with Mental Illness; Pathways to Self Fokus Mladá Boleslav; article for Co-author of the School of Recovery courses (

  •  PhDr. Vlasta Řezníková, Ph.D.

A graduate of the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences, MU. She has been dealing with the issue of mental illness in her texts since 2002. She has gained experience in working with people with psychiatric diagnoses through her long-term volunteer work, internships and work in hospitals for people with neuroses and psychoses. She is currently employed at the Polytechnic University in Jihlava. She has completed self-experience psychotherapy training and supervision training. She is involved in maintaining and expanding teaching with participation of peer lecturers, i.e. people with own experience in mental health care issues.

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